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Guangzhou direct flights to Malaysia Johor Bahru, capital of Johor state route opened


Guangzhou direct flights to Malaysia Johor Bahru, capital of Johor state route opened!

City: Johor Bahru Johor Bahru (Johor Bahru)

Code: JHB

Airport name: Senai International (Sultan Ismail International) Johor Bahru airport

Air Asia (Malaysia), China's first direct flight to Malaysia Johor Bahru, capital ofJohor state route opened on 30th, the route daily intervals, one way for about4 hours. -New flights starting in Guangzhou, following Malaysia March 1 imposed on Chinese tourist visa after another big positive, horse trade, Iskandar inject new vitality into the development of the SAR, and further promote China "along the way" strategy to come to fruition.

Seven straight years, China has become Malaysia's biggest trading partner, bilateral trade has reached the level of billions of dollars. In early 2015, China overtook Singapore as Iskandar of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region has invested the highest amount of countries. Of which, China's largest private overseas investment projects--country garden covers an area of nearly 20 square kilometers of forest City project planning, the total investment will exceed 250 billion yuan. China and the substantial growth of air traffic demands between Johor. Direct flight will greatly promote exchanges between the two countries, not only convenient customer from Malaysia Johor Bahru, but also to the new economic and trade exchanges with China have a profound impact.

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