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Shenzhen, Air China flight Frankfurt flight


Civil Aviation resource NET, May 23, 2016:520, I'm in love with you, in this special day, open air "deep" tour from Shenzhen direct flights to Frankfurt. The flightas "China's special economic zones" and "transport hub in Europe," build a bridge for direct communication.

The flights use Airbus A330-200 aircraft featured first-class aviation unit, the crew is managed by the cabin service attendants three led Ji Hong, Director of thePhoenix Group and the Department of Management You Teng managers participate in the fly. Before the flight, held a grand ceremony at Shenzhen Airport.

Shenzhen Airport to Frankfurt airport is 12 hours, 2 5 7 flights per week, currently the promotion phase, tariff concessions,

100-500kg 15/kg

500-1000kg 13/kg

1000kg 12.5/KG

Fuel war risk is included, excluding customs clearance charges 350 details please contact our sales manager, Mr Xu 15012957273

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