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Cargo flights from Shenzhen to Dhaka, Bangladesh official maiden voyage


The night of May 11, Shenzhen, cargo flights to Dhaka, Bangladesh official maiden voyage, which is in 2016, Shenzhen Airport newly opened the first international cargo routes. At this point, Shenzhen has opened the International (regional)all-cargo routes to reach 16, freight traffic increased to 15.

It is understood that ASEAN opened in the Shenzhen City all-cargo flights fromDhaka uni-top airlines, flight number UW9963, from May 11 to fly a weekly class, certified aircraft types Airbus A300-600 aircraft, maximum cargo capacity up to 48 tons. Goods are mainly textiles, fabrics, Department stores, aquatic products, and so on. With the opening of the Shenzhen freight routes to Dhaka, the Shenzhen Airport International (regional) freight traffic points have been coveredin Osaka, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Singapore, and the island of Luzon, Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Dhaka, Dubai, Cologne, 15 cities such as anchorage, Cincinnati, where "along the way" navigation along city reached 6.

Airport introduced after the freight routes open to Bangladesh Dhaka, Shenzhen Airport, Shenzhen, also is expected to be opened in the near future or encrypted to Malaysia, and Japan, and Korea, and Singapore, new cargo routes and enrich the route network in South East Asia during the Shenzhen Airport to "along the way" countries along the shipping routes and is expected to reach 10. (Civil aviation resource net)

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