Imports, Hong Kong Express, also known as import tax package, a simple procedure, the operation is nimble, the main one of the import methods.

Second, general trade import declaration. Import declarations, our customs agents, payment of customs duties and value added tax, imported to Shenzhen.

Hong Kong is a free trade area, foreign to Hong Kong goods zero tariff, general cargo shipped to Hong Kong from abroad, our company Play-Fortuna can provide Hong Kong's customs clearance, delivery and according to customer requirements, imported to Shenzhen and other places.

Hong Kong express the import process:

1, customers need to provide detailed cargo information, packing list and invoice (name, number, size, there is no sign, packing or picture in the value, purpose, etc);

2, the need for Hong Kong to take delivery, if necessary check information delivery needs;

3, the initial offer + notes

4, confirm shipments, once again confirm the price and related matters

5, for import of goods

6, after the goods to Shenzhen count, inform the customer of goods or deliver(logistics delivery can be arranged throughout the country)

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